Spirit House Frozen Curries

Pick Up at Hong Sa Bar . . . or Delivery to Brisbane on Wednesdays and Sunshine Coast on Tuesdays

Featuring hand-made curry pastes, premium ingredients and a Spirit House chef on the stoves, our frozen foods are packed full of flavour . . . and a little spice. Store in your freezer and when you're ready for a bit of Spirit House at home simply thaw and heat - easy.
The flavours are as follows:
*   Massaman Curry of Beef Cheek - roast kipfler potatoes and pickled ginger . . . $25
*   Green Curry of Chicken - wok fried corn and Asian greens . . . $25
*   Vegan Red Curry of Chargrilled Tofu - caramelised pumpkin and snake beans . . . 450 gms for $18
*   Cambodian Lamb - sous vide for 12 hours in sweet aromatic sauce . . . $27.50
*   Balinese Style Pork - lemongrass, clove, cinnamon, sweet soya. . . $25
*   Wagyu Brisket & Oyster Sauce - marble score 5, sous vide for 12 hours - an umami flavour bomb . . . $27.50

Simply come out to the Spirit House from Wednesday to Sunday and you can buy your curries at the Hong Sa Bar . . . plus reward yourself with an ice-cold beer or cocktail.


Can't make it to Spirit House? . . . Let us come to you . . .

Our frozen courier service (the courier isn't frozen but his van is) can deliver to select areas . . .

Our deliveries fill very quickly so jump in quick. All details of delivery areas etc. can be found on the forms linked below.

Sunshine Coast Delivery . . .

We deliver curries to the Sunshine Coast on Tuesdays. To place your order simply fill in this Sunshine Coast Order Form. Deliveries will take place between 9 and 6pm.

Brisbane Deliveries . . .

We deliver to Brisbane CBD and Northside every Wednesday . . . Please visit our Brisbane Order Form where you will also find a map of our deliver area.

Don't Miss Out!

Our orders fill quickly, to beat the crowds simply sign up to our list and we will contact you before we open the next lot of orders to the general public . . .