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I always thought an orange was named after the colour – orange. But it turns out that ‘orange’ has always been a word for the fruit and didn’t enter the English language as a colour until the 15th century. Before that time we used to call the colour orange, ġeolurēad (yellow-red). The actual word ‘orange’ comes to us through an ancient Indian language, via Persian and eventually Arabic (nāranj) – basically following the trade route that would have bought the fruit to the west.

The last quick fun fact is the orange is possible a hybrid between a pomelo and a mandarin and technically is a berry because it has many seeds.

Obviously I had way too much time on my hands today but I found this little factoid quite interesting.

Jamie Oliver was one of the judges for the Nikon Food Photography competition which was one by local photographer, Roslyn McLaughlin.
He had this to say about her photo of the Spirit House pork and mango salad – “I love the way this shot is vibrant and makes you want to get stuck into the food.”

Needless to say Roslyn is over the moon with her photo and so are we. It’s a beautiful shot taken in natural light without any props or studio wizardry. She certainly has talent:

The Sunshine Coast Daily has the full article and you can see more of Roslyn’s work at her website.


At first I was thinking – meh, stupid gimmick – then on second thoughts these cool undies are perfect when travelling to places where pick pockets are rife.
You can buy them from the clevertravelcompanion website:

Men's underwear with pockets.

Need to have your mind blown? Paul Stamets is a mycologist – he studies mushrooms. Prepare to be amazed as Paul shows you the latest medical breakthroughs coming from his work as well as innovative new uses of funghi to control insect born diseases. But he saves the best for last:

This video is pretty cool. A store-bought McDonald’s burger goes head to head in a photoshoot with a food stylist’s version of the same burger.
It’s the difference between a few minutes of preparation and a few hours:

When Thai food guru, David Thompson, came to town for the Noosa food and wine festival, we thought it might be nice to get David and our chefs together for a small cook-up. David arrived with his assistant ‘Park’ and then the hard work began. So much prep – fresh coconut milk was made, pastes pounded and plenty of jokes. It was a great night and I have this very shaky video for some behind-the-scenes action:

David Thompson from Spirit House on Vimeo.

The menu for the night:

  • Southern Style Grilled Mussels

  • Chiang Mai Pork Curry
  • Chinese Chive Cakes
  • Smoked Kingfish Relish

Head chef, Ben, brought over his fermented pork which David deep-fried and created a simple dipping sauce to go with it.

It was a great night and a fantastic opportunity for our chefs to meet one of their culinary heroes in a very relaxed, sweaty and fun environment.

You’re looking at the face of a 69 year old truck driver. One side of his face looks much older than the other and this is because for 28 years he’s been driving a truck and so one side of his face has been exposed to the sun more than the other.
You’d be hard pressed to find a more compelling reason for using sunscreen. The New England Journal of Medicine has published the case study for this condition – which is called Unilateral Dermatoheliosis.

After two years of experimentation, camp nectar were able to produce fruit in the shape of their boxes. The box-shaped fruit was then shipped out to supermarkets to be put on display to show customers just how fresh and natural their fruit juices were. Hmmm … I need a fun, sing-a-long video to show you what I mean:


The Sunshine Coast did very well in the Australian Good Food Guide Awards, with 16 restaurants picking up ‘hat’ awards. We are so proud of our restaurant team who have worked so hard over the years to keep the Spirit House on this prestigious list.
If you know the history of the owners of Spirit House, you’d know Peter and Helen Brierty started the first restaurant in Montville, Misty’s, back in 1972. Misty’s literally put Montville on the map way back then and it’s with this in mind that we feel a special fondness for Long Apron restaurant in Montville which won two hats in this year’s awards – we are already planning a lunch there soon.

The packaging for this knife set by Keiji Ashizawa has been written up in just about every design blog on the net. The knives are beautifully handmade in organic shapes and each shelf uses dove-tail joints to allow the system to slide apart and lock back together. In a world of mass production, there’s still room for art in design and function.

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