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In a world of blunt knives lives ‘The Cook’ – this is one of the most beautiful ads for cooking with amazing cinematography all to sell some humble butter.

Cavemen made knives like these from pieces of flint – design students in Vienna wondered what it might be like if the primitive knife was made from stainless steel – and, I have to say, it looks pretty awesome.

Apparently an Italian company has put the knives into production but so far they remain unavailable from their site.
via gizmodo

Apparently when Al Capone didn’t have a machine gun in his hands he was quite the humanitarian. He opened soup kitchens and when one of his family became ill from drinking milk that was off, rather than shoot the supplier in cold blood he looked further into the whole milk distribution racket.

It turns out there was some shady dealings and very little regulation into the supply, storage and delivery of milk. With prohibition ending and a fleet of trucks at his disposal he lobbied authorities to set USE BY: dates for milk and entered the milk business.

You can read all about it at carboncountrymagazine.com – there’s an interesting twist to the story.

Eggs and an empty water bottle – who knew it could be that easy. You can buy gadgets that work the same way and do the same thing but why pay money when you can use a left-over bottle – or, for the crafty among you, you could gather empty bottles, paint them or label them and sell them as egg separators – weekend markets; here I come.

Very cool posters from Valentina Raffaelli featuring clever schematic cutaway diagrams of various vegetables with all their nutritional aspects.

This would make a great concept for a cookbook.

Ever wondered how they make those food commercials look so spectacular? Turns out you need four guys, a high speed camera and a robotic arm – plus a bucket load of creativity.

We have given sugar a pretty bad wrap over the years in this blog – but this very cool online calculator from Coca Cola shows just how much exercise is needed to burn off one can of their sugary delights. As you’d expect, you can drink Diet coke all day and you won’t have to do any exercise at all – as to what that aspartame is doing to you is for another chart I guess.

However the calories from a can of coke can be burnt off with 19 minutes of hard walking – if you’re a sprite fan then you need 20 minutes to knock out that sugary goodness.

Are you good looking? Do you have a great butt? If you do then perhaps you should visitTwisted Root Burgers where these and other qualities will get you a few cents off your bill. They have around twenty quirky discounts that can appear on their receipts. I love the slogan at the bottom of the receipt: “Meat is murder; tasty, tasty murder.”

Seeing this makes me want to resurrect our ‘Best Customer’ award which we used to run each year – basically the waiters would select the best customer in their section (certain criteria had to be met) and then we’d put the names in a hat at the end of the year – the winner would receive a trip for two to Thailand.

(via eater.com)

Spirit House chefs, Nadine, Nathan, Libby and Renee have created over 100 fantastic Asian inspired dessert recipes for a new Spirit House cook book. The recipes are amazing and feature Asian twists on a variety of classics plus quite a few inspired creations that really showcase the talent in the Spirit House kitchen.

For the past few weeks we have been busy cooking, photographing and testing the recipes. New Holland, our publisher, are planning to release the dessert cookbook around Mother’s day next year.

In the meantime, here are some shots from our photoshoot earlier this week.

Stay tuned to the blog for sample recipes.

A Spirit House wedding has always been a fun affair even when it’s pouring rain. But not all weddings are such joyous occasions. A thread was started on reddit.com recently asking for people to tell about their best bridezilla story – if you love disaster stories, especially wedding disaster, I present to you the motherlode!

Reading these stories about bridezillas, crazy mother-in-laws is like watching a train wreck – you just can’t look away. So grab a coffee and prepare to be entertained by the misfortunes of others.

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