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According the the notes, the squid is dead and the sodium in the soya sauce reacts with the nerves in the squid causing it to dance. Probably not something we’ll put on the Spirit House menu – it’s macabre and fascinating all at the same time.

Here the squeals and groans from this branch that landed on power lines before it bursts into flames. Fascinating…

Ever wondered why your food doesn’t look as nice as the recipe books? That’s because you don’t have paint brushes, tweezers and essentially a make-up kit for your food. Jaime Reyes was our wonderful food stylist for the new Spirit House cook book. It was a great experience watching Jaime at work:
See what I mean, Jaime is painting glistening highlights on to the chicken in the salad.

With so many of Annette’s recipes to shoot and just a few days to make all this happen, we are lucky that we have such great chefs like Katrina and Kelly to lend a hand:


And the person responsible for making the food look great in print is photographer Graeme Gillies, who had help from Spirit House owner, Helen Brierty. Here Helen can be seen working as a photogaphic intern – which basically involves standing around all day holding the fill card.

All in all, this promises to be our best recipe book ever. The photographs look amazing and eating the left-overs from the shoot had us all raving over the flavours. The new book should be available by Mother’s day 2010.

Masterchef judge and super-nice-guy Matt Preston dropped in at the Spirit House on his way to the Noosa Food Festival. Officially he was here to gather some information for Delicious Magazine but unofficially we chatted about the show and the future of food and cooking talent in Australia.

Totally different to his television persona, Matt was charming, witty and more than happy to joke around with the staff:


He surprised the cooking school by walking in unannounced and telling everyone he was here to judge their food. You’d think he’d be bothered with everyone recognising him and bothering him for autographs but he was more than happy to spend time posing with my niece and her two friends (now his greatest fans):

What came out of our chat was shows like Masterchef are helping change people’s view of cooking. Being a chef is no longer a ‘trade’ or a career choice for when high school leavers’ grades are not so good. The show – and our experience – have shown there are people out there who love food and have a talent to blend flavours in to an expression of themselves.

I’m guessing the pic below is actually better than what’s in the can. I think this is one of those ideas that should have just stayed an idea:

Food: Cheeseburger in a Can is Both the Best and Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Parking in the sun can be a real pain when you get back to your car – steering wheel too hot to touch, seats that burn and sauna-like conditions while you wait for the aircon to do its job. If you have to park in the sun for a few hours, why not bake some cookies on your dashboard?

No need for air freshener as your car will smell like fresh baked cookies… find the recipe and instructions at Car-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, step by step | Baking Bites

I remember watching a Korean movie with my brother – forget the name – in which the lead character walks into a local restaurant and orders a live octopus and eats it… which would be boring except the octopus was alive. If you don’t find that repulsive you can click over to Extreme dining: Four edgy alternatives to burger and fries. article in the LA times that features a restaurant that serves live wriggling octopus tentacles and here’s the best bit – there’s a video on the page.

Jeff at SIDE SALAD tags along with Jaden from Jaden’s steamy kitchen blog to explore the wonders of Asian supermarkets. And if you fancy making a beef aorta salad or perhaps a pork uterus soup then you’re about to discover the mother-load. Personally I like this zen-like meat product:

Ah meat… where would we be without you?

The Japanese have never been scared of adopting and adapting western ideas and technology… cars, electronic goods etc. But they really fail when it comes to Ice cream- like the offering below- a fish flavoured icecream with some of the fish flavour masked out with Brandy… Urrgh

101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World has a great list of god-awful ice creams but it seems most of them are made in Japan.

Here’s a great site
that features weird packaged food that people eat around the world.

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