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This is seriously awesome – the Swedish chef in a food van war with Gordon Ramsay and Gordon does all his own ‘bleeping’ – it’s a family show after all. Check it out:

Are you good looking? Do you have a great butt? If you do then perhaps you should visitTwisted Root Burgers where these and other qualities will get you a few cents off your bill. They have around twenty quirky discounts that can appear on their receipts. I love the slogan at the bottom of the receipt: “Meat is murder; tasty, tasty murder.”

Seeing this makes me want to resurrect our ‘Best Customer’ award which we used to run each year – basically the waiters would select the best customer in their section (certain criteria had to be met) and then we’d put the names in a hat at the end of the year – the winner would receive a trip for two to Thailand.

(via eater.com)

A Spirit House wedding has always been a fun affair even when it’s pouring rain. But not all weddings are such joyous occasions. A thread was started on reddit.com recently asking for people to tell about their best bridezilla story – if you love disaster stories, especially wedding disaster, I present to you the motherlode!

Reading these stories about bridezillas, crazy mother-in-laws is like watching a train wreck – you just can’t look away. So grab a coffee and prepare to be entertained by the misfortunes of others.

After two years of experimentation, camp nectar were able to produce fruit in the shape of their boxes. The box-shaped fruit was then shipped out to supermarkets to be put on display to show customers just how fresh and natural their fruit juices were. Hmmm … I need a fun, sing-a-long video to show you what I mean:


Super-cute video of a baby flipping through a magazine and finding it frustrating that the pages swipe ok but the images don’t respond to finger gestures, nor can she scroll.

Grab the kleenex – here are two of my favourite Thai life insurance ads.

This one gets really philosophical – I love it:

Damn allergies :-)

Thai ads can be very clever – here’s a great series of ads for Cheers Beer:

I’m going to do some digging and try to find you how Thais do insurance ads – there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

The answer to the obsessive compulsive cook in your life.
Now when the recipe says ‘ cut into 1cm cubes’ or at 45 degree angles, this chopping board is the dream
kitchen gadget.

Interestingly, cutting things to a uniform size does actually mean the items will all cook uniformly and may actually make you a better chef.

Buy the OCD Chef Cutting Board from the neatorama shop.

Every morning on our tag-along tours I stop for a Thai Iced Tea at our local street vendor. Sickly sweet with condensed milk and orange in colour from tamarind husks, I thought this drink was pretty amazing – until I saw this:

Sometimes kitchen layouts just don’t go to plan – the work bench is too far from the stove etc. Here’s how an chef gets around this problem:

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