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Jack Vale appears to be an incredible mentalist as he freaks people out at local eateries with intimate details about their lives. It’s how he finds this information that is both incredible and scary and something you should show anyone who is constantly tweeting, instagramming or facebooking on their phones. Check out the video below:

Here’s a very unique opportunity to study with leading chefs such as Ferran Adrià from elBulli as well as leading mathematicians and physicists from Harvard as they unlock the science behind cooking.

Part of Harvard’s FREE edX program you complete the course online and either do it for your own enjoyment or gain a Certificate of Mastery should you wish to complete the exams and coursework.

If you don’t know anything about edX you should check out their other cool courses – this is the future of education.

It turns out we’ve been eating apples the wrong way – wasting nearly 30% off that delicious appley goodness.

Apparently when Al Capone didn’t have a machine gun in his hands he was quite the humanitarian. He opened soup kitchens and when one of his family became ill from drinking milk that was off, rather than shoot the supplier in cold blood he looked further into the whole milk distribution racket.

It turns out there was some shady dealings and very little regulation into the supply, storage and delivery of milk. With prohibition ending and a fleet of trucks at his disposal he lobbied authorities to set USE BY: dates for milk and entered the milk business.

You can read all about it at carboncountrymagazine.com – there’s an interesting twist to the story.

Ever wondered how they make those food commercials look so spectacular? Turns out you need four guys, a high speed camera and a robotic arm – plus a bucket load of creativity.

We have given sugar a pretty bad wrap over the years in this blog – but this very cool online calculator from Coca Cola shows just how much exercise is needed to burn off one can of their sugary delights. As you’d expect, you can drink Diet coke all day and you won’t have to do any exercise at all – as to what that aspartame is doing to you is for another chart I guess.

However the calories from a can of coke can be burnt off with 19 minutes of hard walking – if you’re a sprite fan then you need 20 minutes to knock out that sugary goodness.

Spirit House chefs, Nadine, Nathan, Libby and Renee have created over 100 fantastic Asian inspired dessert recipes for a new Spirit House cook book. The recipes are amazing and feature Asian twists on a variety of classics plus quite a few inspired creations that really showcase the talent in the Spirit House kitchen.

For the past few weeks we have been busy cooking, photographing and testing the recipes. New Holland, our publisher, are planning to release the dessert cookbook around Mother’s day next year.

In the meantime, here are some shots from our photoshoot earlier this week.

Stay tuned to the blog for sample recipes.

I always thought an orange was named after the colour – orange. But it turns out that ‘orange’ has always been a word for the fruit and didn’t enter the English language as a colour until the 15th century. Before that time we used to call the colour orange, ġeolurēad (yellow-red). The actual word ‘orange’ comes to us through an ancient Indian language, via Persian and eventually Arabic (nāranj) – basically following the trade route that would have bought the fruit to the west.

The last quick fun fact is the orange is possible a hybrid between a pomelo and a mandarin and technically is a berry because it has many seeds.

Obviously I had way too much time on my hands today but I found this little factoid quite interesting.

Jamie Oliver was one of the judges for the Nikon Food Photography competition which was one by local photographer, Roslyn McLaughlin.
He had this to say about her photo of the Spirit House pork and mango salad – “I love the way this shot is vibrant and makes you want to get stuck into the food.”

Needless to say Roslyn is over the moon with her photo and so are we. It’s a beautiful shot taken in natural light without any props or studio wizardry. She certainly has talent:

The Sunshine Coast Daily has the full article and you can see more of Roslyn’s work at her website.

Need to have your mind blown? Paul Stamets is a mycologist – he studies mushrooms. Prepare to be amazed as Paul shows you the latest medical breakthroughs coming from his work as well as innovative new uses of funghi to control insect born diseases. But he saves the best for last:

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