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Well, it’s taken a while but my 13 year old niece has been rattling my cage about getting Spirit House on Instagram so you can share photos and that sort of thing.

So voila:


We’re instagramming – you can follow us and be sure to use #spirithouserestaurant if you’re tagging pics taken at the Spirit House and we’ll start rewarding the most photos we like the most etc.

Sometimes a photographer comes along and manages to capture essence of a Spirit House wedding perfectly. That’s why we love Ruth Ryan’s photos of Jo and Cam’s wedding.

As any professional photographer will tell you, capturing photos at Spirit House is tricky. With all the greenery and mottled light, you really need to know what you’re doing.


So, if you’re looking for a great photographer – why not get in touch with Ruth Ryan.

Cavemen made knives like these from pieces of flint – design students in Vienna wondered what it might be like if the primitive knife was made from stainless steel – and, I have to say, it looks pretty awesome.

Apparently an Italian company has put the knives into production but so far they remain unavailable from their site.
via gizmodo

Eggs and an empty water bottle – who knew it could be that easy. You can buy gadgets that work the same way and do the same thing but why pay money when you can use a left-over bottle – or, for the crafty among you, you could gather empty bottles, paint them or label them and sell them as egg separators – weekend markets; here I come.

Very cool posters from Valentina Raffaelli featuring clever schematic cutaway diagrams of various vegetables with all their nutritional aspects.

This would make a great concept for a cookbook.


At first I was thinking – meh, stupid gimmick – then on second thoughts these cool undies are perfect when travelling to places where pick pockets are rife.
You can buy them from the clevertravelcompanion website:

Men's underwear with pockets.

After two years of experimentation, camp nectar were able to produce fruit in the shape of their boxes. The box-shaped fruit was then shipped out to supermarkets to be put on display to show customers just how fresh and natural their fruit juices were. Hmmm … I need a fun, sing-a-long video to show you what I mean:


The packaging for this knife set by Keiji Ashizawa has been written up in just about every design blog on the net. The knives are beautifully handmade in organic shapes and each shelf uses dove-tail joints to allow the system to slide apart and lock back together. In a world of mass production, there’s still room for art in design and function.

Super-cute video of a baby flipping through a magazine and finding it frustrating that the pages swipe ok but the images don’t respond to finger gestures, nor can she scroll.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a queue wondering why all the other lines move faster – an engineer has the answer and surprisingly the theory starts with ye olde telephone switchboards:

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