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Many years ago customers swooned over our groovy Spirit House CD – a collection of down-tempo, ethnic tracks from around the world. Sadly, the record company we used to license and distribute the CD closed and the Spirit House CD became a collector’s item.

We still get calls for the CD and thanks to the magic of the interwebs we have created a spotify playlist of the tracks – except for two tracks that aren’t available on spotify so we swapped them with similar tracks from the same artist.

Time for some ear candy:

Jack Vale appears to be an incredible mentalist as he freaks people out at local eateries with intimate details about their lives. It’s how he finds this information that is both incredible and scary and something you should show anyone who is constantly tweeting, instagramming or facebooking on their phones. Check out the video below:

This is seriously awesome – the Swedish chef in a food van war with Gordon Ramsay and Gordon does all his own ‘bleeping’ – it’s a family show after all. Check it out:

Well, it’s taken a while but my 13 year old niece has been rattling my cage about getting Spirit House on Instagram so you can share photos and that sort of thing.

So voila:


We’re instagramming – you can follow us and be sure to use #spirithouserestaurant if you’re tagging pics taken at the Spirit House and we’ll start rewarding the most photos we like the most etc.

Sometimes a photographer comes along and manages to capture essence of a Spirit House wedding perfectly. That’s why we love Ruth Ryan’s photos of Jo and Cam’s wedding.

As any professional photographer will tell you, capturing photos at Spirit House is tricky. With all the greenery and mottled light, you really need to know what you’re doing.


So, if you’re looking for a great photographer – why not get in touch with Ruth Ryan.

Here’s a very unique opportunity to study with leading chefs such as Ferran AdriĆ  from elBulli as well as leading mathematicians and physicists from Harvard as they unlock the science behind cooking.

Part of Harvard’s FREE edX program you complete the course online and either do it for your own enjoyment or gain a Certificate of Mastery should you wish to complete the exams and coursework.

If you don’t know anything about edX you should check out their other cool courses – this is the future of education.

It turns out we’ve been eating apples the wrong way – wasting nearly 30% off that delicious appley goodness.

In a world of blunt knives lives ‘The Cook’ – this is one of the most beautiful ads for cooking with amazing cinematography all to sell some humble butter.

Cavemen made knives like these from pieces of flint – design students in Vienna wondered what it might be like if the primitive knife was made from stainless steel – and, I have to say, it looks pretty awesome.

Apparently an Italian company has put the knives into production but so far they remain unavailable from their site.
via gizmodo

Apparently when Al Capone didn’t have a machine gun in his hands he was quite the humanitarian. He opened soup kitchens and when one of his family became ill from drinking milk that was off, rather than shoot the supplier in cold blood he looked further into the whole milk distribution racket.

It turns out there was some shady dealings and very little regulation into the supply, storage and delivery of milk. With prohibition ending and a fleet of trucks at his disposal he lobbied authorities to set USE BY: dates for milk and entered the milk business.

You can read all about it at carboncountrymagazine.com – there’s an interesting twist to the story.

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