Tag-Along Tours

Food tours to Thailand and Vietnam. Want to tag-along?

The tag-along concept is simple — make your own way to Bangkok or Hanoi (use your frequent flyer miles, hotel rewards etc.) and meet up with Spirit House chefs and guide for four fun-filled days of food exploration and discovery.

These tours are a fantastic way to begin your holiday in Thailand or Vietnam — giving you a deeper understanding of the food and culture as well as some unique sights along the way.

As we show you in the video above: what started out as a boutique tour focused on Thai food culture and heritage has become four amazing days to see a side of Thailand that most tourists never get to experience.

Over the years we have finessed this tour and have a simply dazzling array of sights, sounds and tastes that, quite frankly, will leave you needing another holiday. The great thing about this tour is you will feel confident to explore the rest of this fascinating country with all its amazing diversity. So if you're planning a Thai holiday why not join us for the first few days?

"Tours are limited to 8 people."

The essential ingredients to enjoy our Tour? Be adventurous about tasting new food. Be flexible, as we sometimes alter the itinerary if interesting places attract your attention ... all part of the fun!

The video above gives you an idea on what the tours are all about but you can also download a complete in pdf format Download our booking forms

Things to Know

If you're 'old school' and don't like watching videos, here's a quick breakdown of the tour for you.

You make your own way to Bangkok and book your own hotel. This gives you the opportunity to use frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards etc. We all meet up in the lobby of the Patumwan Princess hotel at 8.30am on the first day of the tour, ready to hit the streets. The tour costs $800 per person (twin share) and includes two nights accommodation in Ayutthaya on Days 2 & 3 of the tour.

Brief Itinerary:

Day #1: A fascinating walking tour of old royal Bangkok. Interesting food, Buddha factories and temples.

Day #2: Pack your bags we're off to Ayutthaya. But first, we visit Or Tor Kor market to explore the raw ingredients and visit the food vendors to have a picnic lunch in the park. Afternoon free to explore, relax by the pool or get a massage followed by sunset drinks at a ruined temple and dinner in a night market.

Day #3: We're off to explore 13th century ruins, ride an elephant, learn how to make Persian fairy floss by hand - afternoon free to explore more ruins, relax in the pool with a beer etc. That evening we're off to watch the elephants bathe in the river and dinner in a local restaurant.

Day #4: Early morning start to visit another fascinating ruin before heading to the river to take a long tail boat down to the King's old summer palace. We travel by rickety cable car to a bizarre neo-gothic style buddhist temple, visit the palace and should reach Bangkok by 2pm.


Sadly we are no longer taking tours to Vietnam. This may change in the future so stay tuned to this page and we'll let you know. If you are visiting Hanoi and want to take some cooking classes or do a walking tour then we thoroughly recommend Hidden Hanoi.

As stated above. The tag-along concept means you pay your airfares and accommodation (where applicable) and we cover all daily transport, street/market food, lunch and snacks (excluding alcohol and evening meals). If you have any questions regarding the tours, feel free to call us on (07) 5446 8977 or email us.

Booking Forms

Download our booking forms - fill in your details and send or fax the completed forms to our travel agent, Spectacular Events. Because each of our tours involves an overnight stay, by law we need to use a travel agent to handle bookings for our tours. You can book your airfares and accommodation however you like - Zoe and her team at Spectacular Events are also happy to help you with this side of your trip if you like.