Food Tours to Asia and India

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Grab your passports, pack your bags, break out those frequent flyer miles and make your way to Thailand, Indonesia or India and join us on a fantastic journey of food, exploration and cultural history.

From fiery volcanos, desert palace hotels - and desert islands, camel fairs, historic ruins, trendy restaurants, street food and even a few miracles, our tours are limited to just 8 people who have a sense of adventure and would rather die than go on a package tour and eat hotel buffets each night.

Led by a Spirit House staff member and limited to just 8 people per tour, a Spirit House Tour is like travelling with a bunch of fun-loving friends to some of the most amazing destinations in Asia and India.

Ready to get off the beaten track, abandon the tour bus and hit the road less travelled?

"Tours are limited to 8 people."

We have put together a stunning range of experiences for you which you can download below. Each tour has been hand-crafted to give you and 6 others an adventure for all the senses. From fantastic food to the big sights such as the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, or the remote Spice Islands made famous in the book Nathaniel's Nutmeg.

We pack in history, culture, amazing sights and sounds as well as food and possibly a dragon.

The best part is you don't need to organise a thing - simply make your way to the starting point using frequent flyer miles or cheap fares and we will take care of you every step of the way after that.


Bangkok to Angkor Wat

Thai Angkor Brochure

Indiana Jones by day, restaurant critic by night - that's the best way to describe this 8 day tour. Ancient ruins, local markets, street food, a miracle or two and an amazing cooking school are explored by day.

At night we step up a gear and discover some of Bangkok's best restaurants and bars - places tourists never go. You will be staying in boutique hotels with access to fantastic shopping, eating and drinking - what are you waiting for?

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  • Tours for 2017
  • Jan 5th - 12th FULL 2017
  • Jan 12th - 19th FULL 2017
  • Details:
  • Cost: $3,350 per person
  • Duration: 8 Days 7 nights
  • Includes:All hotels, most meals, internal flights, transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather:Mild


Princes to Nomads Tour


If you've always wanted to go to India but were a bit scared then this is the tour for you. Jump in the deep end with your Spirit House host for the tour that has something for everyone: camels, the Taj Mahal, trendy food, street food, palace hotels, amazing sights and sounds.

The highlight is the Pushkar Camel Fair which happens just once a year. Words can't describe just how cool this trip really is.

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  • October - November:
  • Oct 24th - Nov 3rd FULL 2017
  • Oct 26th - Nov 5th FULL 2017
  • Details:
  • Cost: $4,675 per person (twin share)
  • Duration:12 Days
  • Weather:Cool


Spice Island Cruise


Fire-breathing mountains, remote deserted islands, stunning coral reefs, restless natives, isolated villages and stunning scenery are all that stand between us and our ultimate destination, the Spice Islands.

We have chartered a twin-masted ketch, complete with snorkelling gear, kayaks, sun decks, air conditioned cabins to sail us through history and the remotest islands of Indonesia to the home of Nathaniel's Nutmeg.

  • Download Brochure and Forms:
  • Aug 16th - Aug 28th FULL 2017
  • Aug 30th - Sep 11th FULL 2017
  • Details:
  • Cost: $6,900 per person
  • Duration: 13 Days 12 nights
  • Includes:All hotels and meals while on tour, boat, snorkelling gear, kayaks etc., internal flights, transport, entrances etc.
  • Weather:Mild


To The Holy River


Iconic India - this is the bucket list trip. Taj Mahal - ✔ - Pilgrims bathing, funeral pyres on the holy Ganges river - ✔ - Palace Hotels - ✔ Village Life - ✔ Great Food ✔ - so many 'ticks' we may as well call it the India Check List Tour

Travelling in a small group we will hit some funky bars and restaurants at night in Delhi and get amongst the locals with great street food too. Fully hosted by our Spirit House chef/host, it is like travelling with a group of friends.

  • Download Brochure and Forms:
  • Jan 21st - Feb 1st FULL 2017
  • Feb 4th - Feb 15th FULL 2017
  • November:
  • Nov 5th - Nov 16th FULL 2017
  • Details:
  • Cost: $4,800 per person (twin share)
  • Duration:12 Days
  • Weather:Cool

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Can't Make Those Dates?

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Travel Insurance is mandatory on all our tours. Unless you can predict the future then you should lock in travel insurance once your deposit is paid. A good insurance policy will cover you not only while you are on tour but also if certain circumstances arise that prevent you from leaving in the first place - such as a medical illness or family emergency.

We have worked with Allianz Insurance and they understand the nature of our tours and provide excellent cover. As with anything in life, it is important you contact them directly and discuss your individual needs etc. and you can do that through their website.