Tag-Along Tours

Food tours to Thailand and India. Want to tag-along?

The tag-along concept is simple — make your own way to Bangkok, or Delhi, (use your frequent flyer miles if you have them), meet up with Spirit House staff and let us lead you on a fantastic journey of food exploration and cultural history.

In 2017, two tours are scheduled: Thailand/Cambodia, plus a longer tour to India. Each has been hand-crafted by Spirit House to offer you not only the major cultural highlights, but eclectic side trips of tastes, sights and experiences most tourists never see. In short, our tours are unique.

Led by a Spirit House staff member and limited to just 8 people per tour, it's like travelling with a bunch of fun-loving friends.

As we show you in the video above: what started out as a boutique tour focused on Thai food culture and heritage has become four amazing days to see a side of Thailand that most tourists never get to experience.

The great thing about this tour is you will return to Bangkok after visiting one of the great wonders of the world, Angkor Wat in Cambodia. So if you're planning a Thai holiday why not join us for the first few days first, come to Angkor Wat with us and return to Thailand to explore the rest of this fascinating country with all its amazing diversity.

"Tours are limited to 8 people."

The best part is you don't need to organise a thing - simply make your way to Bangkok and we will take care of you every step of the way after that.

The essential ingredients to enjoy our Tour? Be adventurous about tasting new food. Be flexible, as we sometimes alter the itinerary if interesting places attract your attention ... all part of the fun!

Download our Thailand & Angkor Booking Form

Things to Know

This trip is all about food and drink, mixed in with some history, culture and amazing sights along the way - with no stress or hassles. Your tour is hosted by Spirit House director, Acland Brierty, fluent in Thai and passionate about Thai food. Featuring 4-5 star hotels, all internal flights, tours, meals and private bus, this tour is designed for those who want to see a different side of S.E. Asia, plus tick Angkor Wat off their 'bucket list' .

Boats take us to the old city of Bangkok where we wander through the back streets tasting street food from vendors who have been making their specialties in the same location for many generations. A fascinating walk through Bangkok's largest fresh market, then off to a cooking class in one of the city's teeming slums, which will give you an insight into life behind the Bangkok glitz - a fascinating morning and a highlight.

At night, we change gears - experience some of Bangkok's best and eclectic dining experiences. Taste what the new breed of Thai chefs are doing with their traditional food. Equally exciting is the new generation of bartenders, who are creating some of the funkiest, most avant-garde spaces - we have chosen a few of the most innovative bars in town for after dinner drinks and a well deserved night-cap.

Sight seeing? We're off to Ayutthaya, a world heritage site of picturesque ruins, great food and a relaxed change in pace. The view from our boutique hotel will blow your mind. And the best part? It's just an hour's drive from Bangkok.

Temples, elephants bathing, food, drinks, silk weaving, boat trips, river life, ancient ruins and two miracles - this is a great introduction to a Thailand which most tourists rarely see. To top it all off, we will duck over the border for the two nights and explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

In Summary:in just over a week we will pack plenty of food, sights, sounds and adventure to make this a trip of a life time. All your accommodation, meals, transport and entrance fees are covered. The only extra is alcohol. See the Itinerary & Costs section for a detailed breakdown of inclusions and the itinerary.

And there's no reason to head home when you've finished your Spirit House tour. When we arrive back in Bangkok, you could head south to a tropical island or fly north to the mountains of Chiang Mai - a perfect finish to your Thai adventure.

Here's a fantastic opportunity to join a Spirit House hosted tour of the BEST of India. If you are intrigued to visit India, but slightly apprehensive, this itinerary will have you rushing to join our exclusive group of eight adventure lovers.

In October and February each year, when the weather is most comfortable for travel, we will explore Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - India's famous Golden Triangle, as well as the fascinating holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the sacred Ganges river. India being such a vast country, we can only dip our toes into one small area, but depending on your time and budget, use this tour as a stepping stone, acclimatise to the culture and food, then venture off on your own to discover the rest of this amazing country.

Our tour incorporates Indian history and culture, plus all the eclectic experiences you have come to expect from a Spirit House Tag-along trip. But most importantly, you will be exposed to the incredible array of regional Indian cuisine, ranging from traditional street food to funky bars and eateries.

"Join us for 11 nights, 12 days - limited to just 8 people."

Our focus has been on coming up with a fun, food and cultural experience - plus, most importantly, this tour is fully hosted by a Spirit House guide - everything you have come to expect from a Spirit House Tag-along trip.

We are confident you will return home with fabulous photographs and memories of this exotic adventure. Let's explore the details below or if you're already sold, you can download our India booking form.

The Tour In Detail.

Make your own way to Delhi - this allows you to use frequent flyer miles. Please arrive on the starting date of the tour because we have organised airport transfers and hotel accommodation for everyone. (If you arrive the day before, you will have to organise a place to stay and transfers until the tour starts.)

The cost of the tour is $3,950 per person - sorry, no single supplements yet - which works out to about $330 per person per day and this includes everything apart from a couple of evening meals.

A quick video with just some of the things you will see and do on our tour

Our focus is on your safety and not letting India overwhelm you, so with that in mind we have selected a Delhi hotel which is close to upmarket shops, boutiques and restaurants and a short walk from a handicrafts market. In Agra, in keeping with our visit to the majestic Taj Mahal, we climb up a star to a more luxurious hotel. In Rajasthan, we get a taste of living like a Maharaja in an ancient palace fort, while you will enjoy your very own overnight Hotel Marigold experience in Jaipur.

In short, our accommodation ranges from comfortable to luxury with the focus on being close to interesting places so you can explore safely on your own - after all, you didn't come to India to spend the day stuck in a hotel did you?

All entrance fees, guides, breakfast, lunch and most dinners are also covered The only extras will be dinner for the night of your arrival and when we return from Varanasi - otherwise, everything is covered.

As stated above. The tag-along concept means you pay your airfares and accommodation (where applicable) and we cover all daily transport, street/market food, lunch and snacks (excluding alcohol and evening meals). If you have any questions regarding the tours, feel free to call us on (07) 5446 8977 or email us.

Booking Forms

Please download and complete the booking form for your trip:
Download our Thailand & Angkor Booking Form
Download our India Booking Form
Fill in your details and send or fax the completed forms to our travel agent, Spectacular Events. Because each of our tours involves an overnight stay, by law we need to use a travel agent to handle bookings for our tours. You can book your flights to India or Thailand however you like - Zoe and her team at Spectacular Events are also happy to help you with this side of your trip if you like.